Do you ever wish your body had a reset button? It does!

Hi, I’m Bambi Johnson, Master Herbalist and founder of Herbaldashery Herb Shop.   What that means for you is that I can help you turn the clock back on aging and health issues through detoxing, cleanses, diet & nutrition plans and herbal formulas that I’ve created. My line of products and cleanses are designed to nourish and support the body in any health condition. It’s never too late to get started towards better health.


Herbaldashery is a family run, small batch Herbal medicine company. My family and I manufacture all of our own products and still make herbal medicine the traditional way. We never use fillers in any of our products, and all of our products are made with organic or wildcrafted herbs.  I’ve created our line of products to help your body do what it does best. Heal itself.

Ready to reset your body?

What we Offer:

Here at Herbaldashery, we believe that cleansing and nourishing the body are two of the most important keys to living a happy and healthy life! That is why we provide many avenues and services to get you to your health and wellness goals. 

Cleanses & Detoxes

Wellness Plans

Herbal Supplements

Courses & Coaching

Cleanses & Detoxes

Herbaldashery’s cleanses always start with the colon. By getting the bowels moving first, it creates a pathway for the body to remove waste and a safe environment to cleanse and detox in.  
We offer many cleanses and detoxes for all systems of the body. We have a specific order that we recommend for optimal results.

Click here to learn more about why you should cleanse and the best way of detoxing your body. 

Wellness Plans

Herbaldashery’s wellness plans are custom-tailored to each individual. We provide a free initial consultation via in-person or virtual session and a roadmap that matches your health goals and needs.

Each plan starts with a cleansing phase and then moves into dealing with specific issues before the final nourishing stage and creating a maintenance program.

Herbal Supplements

We specialize in small-batch no-filler supplements. We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients to ensure our products are both safe and effective. 

Our offerings include liquid tinctures, loose-leaf herbal teas, herbal pill supplements and powders for all wellness needs. 

We manufacture everything in-house to enable a greater quality control with each and every order.

Shop all of our supplements and cleanses by clicking on the link below.

Courses & Coaching

When changing your health habits, having someone available to answer all of your questions is key. We offer several phone/text support packages that personally walks you through each cleanse and shows you how to build good healthy habits. 

Coming soon we will be offering in-person courses that teach plant-based cooking basics, herbal first aid, and natural wellness. 

Contact us for more information!

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