Acid and Alkaline Info Sheet (PDF)

Acid And Alkaline Chart

This chart is a representation of the body’s internal environment. The constant battle between the two extremes of alkalinity and acidity is never-ending. The body is supposed to be slightly alkaline but that is hard to achieve in this modern day of processed foods and high stress. The urine and saliva PH balance of the body is controlled by what we eat and the stress levels we have.


Acidity in the body is a dangerous enemy, destroying your health. Cancer and other diseases can only be present in an acidic environment. By bringing the body back into a more alkaline balance, many of the ailments that inflict people will disappear. Symptoms of an acidic body are poor digestion, heartburn, kidney stones, diabetes, headaches, etc.

Foods that make the body acidic are meat, dairy products, eggs, white flour, and white sugar. By removing these things from your diet or by only consuming them occasionally you will notice the acidic symptoms will start to leave.

Negative emotions and stress are also acidic. Negative emotions and stress form chemicals that are stored in your body as toxins. Having a negative outlook on life and being under constant stress will keep your body in an acidic state. Emotions such as fear, anger, and worry can be detrimental to your health.

Moderate exercise such as walking, sprinting, yoga, and swimming is great for the body and very alkalizing. Extreme or obsessive exercise can not only create stress on the body it can also do more harm than good when it comes to creating acidity in the body.

Lack of sleep can not only create a bad environment in your mental health but can also create an acidic environment in your body. Getting a good night’s sleep will not only make your emotions calmer the next day but will also be restorative to the body and keep it in good health.

Getting a sunburn is not only painful buy it is also extremely acidic to the body. That doesn’t mean to avoid the sun but use common sense and don’t get burned.


An alkaline environment is accomplished by eating a healthier diet and being happy and content with your life, reducing stress, and getting moderate exercise.

Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole sprouted grains, unroasted nuts, seeds, and legumes will help create an alkaline environment in your body.

Moderate daily sunshine not only provides Vitamin D but also helps maintain a better mood.


You can buy PH strips on Amazon or at a health food store. Make sure not to touch the bumpy end of the strip because the grease from your fingers could change the results. Then place the strip under a stream of urine, and compare the strip to the numbered color chart. Follow the directions on the back of the box for the best time of day to test your PH. A urine PH test can alert you that something is off with the body. Your blood PH is different and is tested by a blood test by your medical doctor.