Eat Your Spring Greens!

It’s that time of year to clean up the spring garden. My favorite thing to do each year is to use all the volunteer greens that come up in my garden for salads.  Chickweed, dandelion greens, clover, and wood sorrel are a few of the greens that we’ve been eating.  I am always fascinated by the fact that all of the “weeds” that emerge in the spring are exactly what we need to clear our bodies of the heavier foods we’ve been eating through the winter. I always take it as nature’s way of detoxing us in preparation for warmer weather.  

But it’s time…..my garden is past the stage of being able to utilize the ‘weeds’ anymore and it’s just looking like a mess. I like to think of the garden cleanup as a time for new beginnings, time to plant seeds and plants and to get ready to take on another year. 


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