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The Key to Colon Health


The key to natural healing is keeping the colon clean and in motion.  Since 90% of all diseases start with the complications of a constipated bowel it is important to maintain regular bowel movements for good health. When the body can’t use the bowel to remove waste then it will start to use other eliminative organs of the body to remove waste. Many people will start having skin issues, headaches, coughs and colds, allergies, etc. Instead of fixing the root cause, most people try to stop the symptoms by taking over-the-counter-drugs not realizing what the body is trying to tell them. If you keep the bowel moving then the body can function more efficiently and you will notice that you will have fewer skin outbreaks, colds, headaches, etc.  

The active ingredient is cayenne pepper and you will notice why they are called Firepills™ for the first couple of days.  Then you will get used to the cayenne and not experience the “burn” quite as much. Cayenne is combined with classic cathartic herbs that help maintain the desired 3 bowel movements a day.  


There are two types of bowels, sluggish and irritated.  If you have an irritated bowel such as from colitis, irritated bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc. then you shouldn’t take Firepills™ since they will compound the problem. This only applies to a small percentage of people. Instead, you would be better off to take my Bowel Calm and Bowel Detox formula, which has safe, calming and cleansing herbs that won’t irritate these conditions.  


I always tell people to start off with 3 before bed and the next day you should notice the bowels start to move.  If you see no “action” then increase to 3 pills twice a day and so on until you start having 3 easy bowel movements a day. You shouldn’t have to strain to have a bowel movement, which could cause more damage and even put you at risk for hemorrhoids, etc. I have had some clients get their bowels moving after 3-6 pills and others who were taking 25-30 a day until they finally got the bowels to move sufficiently. 


What you put in your mouth on a daily basis will have a lot to do with the condition of your bowel function. Foods that are high in “mucus” forming compounds will do the same thing to the bowel as it does to the lining of your arteries, etc. Foods that are cleansing will have a “scrubbing” effect on the body.  So focusing on eating a lot of wholesome foods will go a long way to helping move the bowels. 

What foods are wholesome? Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes have the most nourishing components to heal the gut and keep the colon clean.  Foods that contain meat, dairy, eggs, white flour, and white sugar have a “gumming” effect on the bowels. You will see this first hand if you decide to eat plant-based for a period of time and then have a steak – the difference will be so noticeable that a huge lightbulb will shine brightly above your head! And then you will be looking for your bag of Firepills™ to help get the bowel moving again. 

Just remember that it has taken years to create a bowel that isn’t functioning so be patient while you are reversing this condition. It will take time and mindful eating to get your bowel back to working order again. Firepills™ have brought many people relief from years of pain, gas and bloating associated with poor bowel movement. 

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