Left to right: Becca, Andrew, Bambi, Ashlynn, Travis, Cody, Nathan, and Brittany

It’s hard to talk about Herbaldashery without talking about my family. Even though we all have our individual interests and lives, we’re also one big family unit when it comes to having each other’s backs. When I first started down this path, we were all huge meat and dairy eaters, and as I started transitioning everyone to a plant-based diet there was some resistance at first until they all started feeling better and decided they wanted to go down this path with me.

I had the privilege of homeschooling all of my kids and while I was raising my family and transitioning their diet, my dream was to eventually start a business called “Herbaldashery”, basically a legacy to leave for them of all the information I had gathered and learned and for them to be able to access the information while they were raising their own families. My family grew to include my son-in-laws. They were good sports and never treated me like the crazy new mother-in-law. Through the whole process, they have all been so supportive from when I was going through school, to drinking concoctions that I made for them while they were sick (some of them tasted awful), to experimenting on them with different plant-based meals. It was amazing to see how everyone came together to help me using their individual skill sets. So with all that being said, let me introduce you to them:

My oldest daughters are Becca and Brittany they are my 27-year old twins.

Becca and Andrew

Becca is my website developer and has spent countless hours patiently taking my ideas and making them website worthy.  She has also followed me on many foraging journeys to film what I was doing.  She has spent countless hours editing my videos and is the reason we have a Youtube channel!  With all that being said, Herbaldashery is not her full-time job, she has worked in construction with my husband for the last 10 years. She graduated college and is now a software engineer for a consulting firm! Not only can she build a website but could build a house if needed. She has been married to Andrew for 5 years.  They own several sailboats, one of them being a racing J24 that they and my other twin, Brittany co-own and campaign nationally. Their dream was to live on a sailboat while they raise their family and explore the oceans of the world. They started that dream in the summer of 2020 by purchasing Mundilfari, a 43ft sailboat that they lived on for a year in Washington D.C. and are now residing in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Brittany chilling on a beach on Isla Mujeres

Brittany is my website photographer and Ecommerce & Social Media Manager. When Brittany isn’t working you will find her behind the lens of a camera or at a hockey game with her fiance. In our family we call her the “steel trap”, meaning that if you want to hang onto any information, then tell her, she will log

Brittany and Nathan

it, categorize it, and give it back to you in an organized report. She helps with the administrative side of my business and has worked in international shipping, order fulfillment, and customer service, and handles all the socials for my business. She also worked for my husband in his construction company for 8 years and helps him with the administrative side of his business as well. Her full-time job is a Project Manager for a Construction firm the specializes in large scale rollouts for major chain stores. She and Nathan have been together for 8 years and got engaged before the pandemic. She has had to hold of on wedding planning, but is hopeful for a wedding date sometime in 2023. She is a partner in the sailing team and race on the regional circuit whenever possible. She is also a full-time student at Embry-Riddle heading towards a degree in Project Management.

Ashlynn is 21 years old and is our designated family sass. She is a full-time personal trainer. She works at her main gym and then also offers in-home sessions. She worked for a caterer for several years running events and weddings. She has been my right arm in the kitchen as we have learned to cook without meat, cheese, dairy, and eggs. She is a budding recipe developer and has come up with some amazing dishes that she has allowed me to share on my website. She is currently working on getting her own website going and has plans to do fitness youtube videos and share some of the health journeys that she has been through. When she is not busy working, she plays roller hockey and trail rides her horse, Angel.

Cody in a competition.
Cody getting to attend the Winter Classic hockey game in Dallas

Cody is 17 years old and is a senior in highschool. He played competitive roller hockey for many years and then switched to rock climbing about four years ago. He competed on a local climbing team for about a year and then was invited to try out for a National climbing team and has since jumped up into the elite divsion on the team. So he is now in practice several times a week and competes with his team all over the U.S. He loves to climb outdoors and takes the opportunity anytime he can. When he’s not climbing himself he coaches adults and kids in rock climbing at our local gym. He is full of personality and makes friends wherever he goes. He is my last homeschooler in the house and he keeps me busy with his never-ending shenanigans. He is my trail and foraging buddy and never complains as he spends hours with me out on trails as I examine, pick, taste, and then lug home all of my nature finds.

Andrew sailing in the Chicago to Mackinac Island Race

Andrew is my first son-in-law and feels more like a son. He has been a great addition to our family, he was our kids sailing coach and he gained our daughter as his wife. He feels like a walking Google app and knows what he refers to as “useless information” at the drop of a hat. The good news is it is not all useless and I have had to lean on him a lot while I worked on all the nitty-gritty of my business; Tax questions, legal papers, etc.  All of which is handed to Andrew and he figures it out for me.

The J/24 Sailing Team

He is also a software engineer and has more brains than I will ever be blessed with. He owns and maintains several sailboats and does most of the work himself (with Becca’s help at times). Whenever we run into a problem on our Herbaldashery website, Andrew is the one to sort it out and make it all work again. He started his own online sailing company and works on that on the side. He graduated from Embry-Riddle with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Another one of his side jobs is being the Deputy Inspector General for Civil Air Patrol in Texas. He is always researching and learning something and we are happy to have him as part of our family.

Nathan hiking at Riffe Lake, Washington

Nathan is about to become our second son-in-law. He was my younger kids’ hockey coach and then he ended up getting snatched by Brittany and they’ve been together ever since. Nathan is an incredible athlete and coach. He is hard-core and driven and it shows in the kids that he coaches. He also has competed at a college level in roller hockey and still plays 3 times a week on both ice and roller hockey.  He is a licensed Realtor and has worked for the last 7 years with my husband in the construction business. He goal is to leverage his and Brittany’s construction knowledge in the Real Estate industry to help his clients and to build a portfolio of investment properties. His favorite part of his job is when we do work for the Dallas Stars rinks, he gets to enjoy watching hockey and work at the same time. He is a great addition to our family, he has a very steady and easy-going personality that we have all come to rely on. He is our family’s biggest cheerleader and supports everyone in their dreams and is always there offering help wherever it is needed.

Travis and I have been together for the last 11 years even though I’ve known him since I was 17 years old. He was my very first friend I made when I came to Texas. He is one of the most creative people I have ever met. He is multi-talented at art, wood-working, remodeling, and building. He designed my logo and is my editor and is one of the creative overseers of the business. He also loves finding me a new trail to explore and forages with me when he’s not working. He also helps me fulfill orders and has spent hours making products. He has created the ideas for all of my labels and is my most supportive taste tester. He designed and built my entire still room and has made a space for me to get my work done efficiently. You’ll never find a more supportive person who gives his all for his family and works hard to make sure that everyone has what they need to fulfill their dreams. He has been doing residential new construction and remodeling for 30 years and has recently moved to

Travis and I in Maine with my foraging finds

commercial. His dream is to travel the world, preferably in a “rat rod”, but I think I’ve talked him into just traveling by plane, boat, or in a more modern vehicle. He always has 10 projects going and one of his most recent is building an overland vehicle that is self-sufficient.  His goal is for us to be able to travel and live comfortably in the vehicle. I like to call it my foraging vehicle, the goal is he gets to travel and I get to travel the world foraging for plants in each state and hopefully every continent. He is building a kitchen on the back so I can cook my foraging finds on the road. He is very adventurous and loves mountain biking, hiking, and traveling. He will sometimes take a job out of state just for the adventure. We had two jobs in 2019 that took our family out of the state for 4 months. I’ll be sharing some of those adventures and pictures with you along the way.