Sleep Formula


Sleep is not only wonderful but it’s very restorative to the body and mind. When you can’t sleep, it creates stress, fatigue and irritability which leads to poor performance at home at your job, etc. This formula is made with a combination of herbs that will help you drift off to dream land and will make you feel like a new person.  



This is in an alcohol base to get the most medicinal quality out of the herbs used. If you are giving this to a child or someone unable to tolerate alcohol then place the tincture in hot water to dissipate the alcohol, let it cool and then drink. 



Valerian Root, Wild Lettuce, Distilled Water and Grain Alcohol. 



For adults one (1) dropper an hour before bed and an additional dropper at bedtime. Children under 10 years old take 10 to 15 drops

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2oz, 4oz