Immune Support

Why Super Immune Tonic?

If you are looking for protection for your family during the cold and flu season, then Super Immune Tonic is a perfect solution. The job of the immune system is to attack anything that invades the body (from inside or outside). The key to a strong immune system is optimum nutrition, but not everyone has the time or inclination to make that happen. Super Immune Tonic is a natural, multi-purpose antibiotic formula that helps the body fight off colds, flu, infection and communicable diseases by boosting the immune system. It is full of all the immune-boosting super roots such as horseradish, garlic, turmeric, and ginger and has all of the anti-bacterial and anti-viral components to help you fight off toxic invaders.

Horseradish is a great root to clear the sinuses and helps with congestion. Garlic is nature’s most potent natural antibiotic. Turmeric has all of the wonderful inflammatory properties that you would need, and ginger is one of the great diaphoretics, equalizing circulation and blood flow. On top of that, we have included hot white onions which have been used in classic cough syrups throughout history. If that’s not enough to fight off any infection, we have added habanero and serrano peppers to up the blood flow which will help all the other ingredients work faster! Finally, we’ve added Lomatium Root which was first recognized during the Spanish flu pandemic. Lomatium was used by two Washoe Indian tribes and they didn’t lose a single person, and were free from respiratory illness even though the death toll was mounting all around them! It was discovered later that Lomatium stopped the growth of all viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the body. Since then it has been used extensively by herbalists to eliminate infections and help restore the body back to good health.

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